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Friday, February 27, 2009

Lowe's Discount for Military Veterans

Here in rural Virginia jobs are scarce. With both me and my husband out of work we have been brainstorming ideas on how to save money and capitalize on our ruralness (we have approximately 5.5 acres). This has led us to thoughts on expanding our garden and looking into building a greenhouse (on the back burned due to cost). What we decided to do this year is build a chicken coop and produce our own farm fresh eggs.

After much research into the types of coops, how many chickens per square footage of coop, and the free-range options we decided on raising free-range chickens and attaching our coop to an existing outbuilding on our property. This is a three-fold savings: 1) less materials needed since we are using one side of an existing building and do not need a fenced area for the chickens, 2) less money needed since we are using some materials from buildings no longer on the property (metal roof is from an old garage) and less feed needed with free-range chickens, and 3) not needing to buy eggs and the ability to sell excess locally. Hubby also looked into the rewards for his accumulated American Express points and was able to secure $200 in Home Depot gift cards.

Now, remember I said we are in a rural area. This means the nearest Home Depot is one hour away. So, when DH needed some additional materials he opted to check into our local Lowe's (20 minutes distance) and inquired about a 10% discount. DH was getting these discount cards regularly and they just stopped. When he inquired he was asked if he was a military veteran. DH was in the military almost 30 years ago (did I just age him?). This means you do not have to be active military or war veteran. You do have to have an honorable discharge.

Lowe's does not advertise this discount, but if you go into your local Lowe's and show either a military ID or a DD-214 your name will be entered into their system and you will get a 10% discount any time you shop that store. You will need to do this for each Lowe's store you shop.

Here is the link for the official media release regarding the Lowe's military discount. Print it out to bring with you. Be sure to read the full release and note the second to last paragraph.

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