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Tuesday, March 31, 2009

MomKnows Reviewer Opportunity

About a month ago I wrote about a great site called SheKnows here. They have some great information throughout their site as well as message boards and moderators to help you along the way. SheKnows also has a Points and Prizes program where you find words to earn points which you can use towards some great things on their site.

Today I want to follow up with the MomKnows reviewer program. I signed up for this in January and last week I received my first package to review:

All of this great food arrived via UPS. Inside was a letter stating two more packages would be arriving over the course of the month. I do not know if all 100 mom reviewers have been selected, but it would not hurt to inquire. How do you do that? Good question. Head on over to the SheKnows message board and read the post on becoming a MomKnows reviewer. While you are there check out my review on the above Wild Harvest Organic samples.


Monday, March 30, 2009

Ready Site Free Samples

Logical Media has just released a new site - ReadySite. This is unique in you select one of three types of creative ads, change the colors to suite your site, select the number of ads to display, preview, and then get the html code. ReadySite simplifies the way you put ads on your blog or website. I would suggest coupling these ads with Google AdSense and maybe even Kontera. Gear these ads to what you want to offer on your site and get people clicking. Then go one step further and direct others to join under you. This is great as you can earn by generating clicks and by becoming an affiliate and having others join the program through you. Want to find out more, head on over to ReadySite and check it out for yourself. And check out the creative on my left side bar.

Know of a good affiliate program? Let me know by leaving me a link to the program. Do not forget forget to use your affiliate link so you get credit if I join.


Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Points & Prizes with SheKnows

Want another way to earn points for prizes, enter giveaways, and exchange information with others? Head on over to SheKnows offers information from pregnancy to fitness to finances and family.

  • Find a recipe
  • Health tips and information
  • Shed a few pounds, the healthy way
  • Pregnancy facts and latest news
  • Gossip and entertainment news
  • Financial help and guidance
  • Kids and family activities
  • Games, giveaways, sweepstakes, and more
Check out the Points and Prizes page for ways to earn points and get great prizes like the Nintendo Wii. Sign up for the SheKnows newsletter and get words delivered to your inbox. You can enter up to five words per hour. Words can be found on participating blogs, in the message boards, on sweepstakes pages, etc. Points can add up fast.

Head on over to the SheKnows message board - MomKnows - and chat with moms from all over on just about anything. I am one of 100 moms trying products and reviewing them just for you.

What are you waiting for? Check out SheKnows today!

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Get Rewarded for Searching the Web

As with everything these days, there are several earn rewards for doing what you do anyway - search the web. If you have Google set as you default search engine change it to one of these great search and "win" sites. You get the same results as and because they are powered by these search engines AND get rewarded in points to be redeemed for gift certificates or in cash! Swagbucks is my affiliate link. What does this mean? If you sign up using my link then I get rewarded. For this I say, "Thank you!"

  • Swagbucks - The most popular currently, Swagbucks rewards you with points when you search using their search engine. Their searches are powered by Google and And you can earn 10 - 50* to even more swagbucks when you search. Additionally, Swagbucks runs promotions and promotional codes on other sites and is a great way to earn additional swagbucks. Once you reach 450* swagbucks redeem them for a $5 gift card. 500* swagbucks will get you a $5 Starbucks gift card. I signed up in the middle of February and as of today have 250* swagbucks. And you get 30* swagbucks just for signing up. So, what are you waiting for?
  • PCH Search & Win - Publisher's Clearing House is one of the most recognizable names out there. They have been around since I was a kid; and that was a long time ago. PCH Search & Win is a search engine powered by Google and The first time you search each day you are entered into their current sweepstakes. You get 20 search chances per day to win great rewards such as $5 gift certificates, $5 Fandango movie tickets, $50 Home Depot gift cards, and cash. That is right, cash! I have been actively using PCH Search & Win since November and have won two $5 gift cards. Sign up today and you could be their next winner.

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*Note, amounts were changed to reflect the new Swagbucks denominations. [3/27/10]


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