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Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Get Paid to Read Ads with YouData

This is a GREAT little money opportunity. I say little money because that is all you will earn, but it will not take much of your time and you will get paid every Friday as long as you have earned something. That is right, no minimum payout amount. Money is paid directly to your paypal account. I earned a little over $3 the first week and $2 the next. All for a few moments of my time. How you ask? YouData.

Sign up with YouData here. Complete your profile information so they will know which ads will be of interest to you. Then click on Adgets (third from the right). You can view your ads online or download a small file and view ads from the convenience of your desktop. Or you can log in to the player on my blog (see below posts). One word of caution, if you use the player on my blog make sure you move the slider at the top over to 100% paid to YOU. You will see this slider after you click on show ads and should slide it over before viewing any ads.

This is a new program and is in the process of building its advertising base. Do not expect a windfall here, but you can expect timely payment and little extra in your paypal account each Friday.

Want more? They also offer an affiliate program. Want to know more? Head over to YouData and read announcements, news and press, and watch a video.

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