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Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Are Surveys Worth Your Time?

Sometimes. For instance, I was chosen for a focus group back in December which paid me $75 (gift card of my choice and I chose This opportunity presented itself after I took a survey from Zoom Panel. That is the only focus group so far, but I have earned enough points through Zoom Panel to claim a reward. Nothing is a must have so I am waiting.

Now, I was taking quite a few surveys through MyView and not gaining any ground. Well, that is until a little over a week ago. I was going through my emails and almost missed something good. See, every time you take a survey you gain an entry into their monthly sweepstakes. I opened one and it said I was randomly selected as a potential grand prize winner in the February MyView Sweepstakes. Seriously? I sent them my name, address, and phone number; I had to give that information when I entered. I received a second email with some paperwork and a W-9. Now they want my social security number, so I had to get a second opinion. Who better than Wendy at Sweeties Sweeps? Wendy congratulated me and I felt comfortable finalizing the paperwork. Today I had $500 deposited in my paypal account. Completely unexpected.

Are surveys worth your time? Possibly. I would recommend signing up for one or two and seeing how it goes. They have proven to be worth my time, at least some of my time.

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