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Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Get Rewarded by Taking Surveys

Survey sites vary greatly. Some are definitely better than others. And you have to decide how much time you want to devote to taking surveys. I had one survey from Zoom Panel lead to a $75 focus group opportunity. This was paid in the form of a gift certificate to the site of my choice. I chose, of course!
  • Dollar Surveys - pays immediately per survey, just enter your paypal email address. take several a day. surveys pay anywhere from 25¢ to $1. I am not too fond of this one.

  • Ipsos i-Say Panel - earn rewards for taking surveys. after you earn 50 or more points and redeem for merchandise or gift certificates from your favorite store.
  • MyView - earn rewards and redeem for stuff. I have not had much luck with this yet, but they send many survey requests.
  • Opinion Outpost - earn points to redeem for cash. must have a minimum of 50 points (you can earn that with one qualified survey). pays by check. sends survey requests daily. I have not requested a pay out yet, but do have 60 points currently.

  • Panda Research - sends many requests. I did not like this one, but others have had luck with this.
Panda Research
  • Squishy Cash - I am not quite sure why people seem to like this one. it looks like you have to click on links and purchase things to make anything, but there may be more to explore here.

  • Zoom Panel - earn anywhere from 5 to 75 points or more for taking surveys. when you reach 1000 points you can redeem them for movies, books, an more. or save them until you accumulate enough points for the next level. qualify for a focus group and earn even more. I am 15 points away from reaching 1000 points and have been a member since November 2008.

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