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Monday, February 23, 2009

Work At Home Information

With today's economy, how many are tired of hearing that? I know I am. Unfortunately, so many things are contingent upon how the economy is shaping up, or down as is the case today. For those of you lucky to have employment, blogging may be a hobby with hopes of generating additional income. Or maybe you are looking to supplement your income in other ways. And if you are of the thousands being displaced, and I know all about that, you may be looking for a more non-traditional way to earn a living. Who knows, maybe that 9-5 job really was just a step along the way; a new and better opportunity could be just around that next search.

Since November I have been among the unemployed. I have searched and listened and looked. There are many opportunities to make money, but there are many vying for those opportunities. When I figure out how to stand out I will be sure to share. For now there are many great sites available to help you along your way. I have listed several of the best in a hub and invite you to go check them out.

Check out my HubPages site on Best Work At Home Job Boards. Here I list some of my favorite job boards and forums, how to detect scams, and some tips to deciding if working from home is for you. Remember, not everyone is cut out for working from home, but when it is your only option you have to try to make it work.

Good luck!

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